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YourHub Interview

Foothills Commercial Builders

7241 S Fulton St

Centennial, CO  80112


Twitter - @foothillsbldrs

William Hollingsworth

Year founded 1986


How did you get involved in the business?

While serving 6 years in the US Army and reserves, I was trained as a biomedical engineer, and gained experience while working on x-ray and medical equipment in various hospitals. Once back in the private sector, I joined the Colorado Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship program, and learned the construction trade from the ground up. The desire to do more with this experience helped with the decision to start a contracting business in 1986.  As the years went by, the company attracted more and more medical, dental, and veterinary work, until presently 50% of our work is in the medical industry. As the company became well established in the community, it expanded to include commercial building of all kinds, and in many different parts of the country.


What distinguishes you from other businesses in your category?

Foothills has built a reputation on professionalism and integrity in the commercial construction industry by focusing on the individual needs of our clients.  This reputation is further evidenced by the long term relationship we have with our subcontractors, and our ever-growing referral base.


What do you like best about your line of work?

Interacting with people is what I like best about being a contractor.  I appreciate being given a chance to help clients build their dream space.  Beyond the clients is a network of businesses that must work together as a team to bring a project together.  This is a very exciting aspect of the creation process.


What is your business’ biggest challenge?

Growth is challenging.  As we’ve grown throughout the years, and continue to grow, we must find the right amount of work to support our goals.  This constantly moving target creates challenges when trying to maintain consistency within the great team we have put together.


Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business:

We love animals!  This was not born of the many veterinary clinics we build, but from the value we believe they bring into our lives.  Since moving to our larger building in May, 2012, we have created a dog friendly office.  Some days we will have as many as 5 dogs playing in the common area, which can be distracting, but the pleasure and stress relief it brings to most of us is well worth the occasional bark or scuffle.