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Concept to Creation Construction

Design Build is an industry term that is used when a project is both designed and then built by the same entity

  • There is, however, more to design-build than simply designing and building a project. At FCBI we call it Concept to Creation Construction, which is a process that is client-focused, and insures that each client is treated distinctly, recognizing their vision, goals and culture. This detailed process is also formulated to be mission- and budget-critical, and is as unique as the clients we serve.
  • FCBI approaches each project in a collaborative manner--engaging a team which consists of FCBI architects, engineers, landscape architects, and most important, YOU the Owner. This single integrated team of inspired people combine all of the components of design and construction experience and are able to transform your vision into reality.

What makes Foothills unique in our success is delivering mission-critical, budget-critical projects on time and within budget

  • By working in a seamless and collaborative manner, each unique project advances through distinct and separate stages of planning, engineering, design, estimating and management to ensure that your expectations and budget are maintained and carefully monitored all the way through project completion.

Providing the most effective manner in which to reach your dream

  • Foothills’ success is based on our seamless communication through a single, integrated, in-house team. This minimizes any potential complications or breakdown in communications, giving you the client peace of mind for a successful outcome.

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